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By December 17, 2015Blog

501(c) Agencies Trust announced today the addition of Civic Works as a new program participant.

501(c) Agencies Trust helps nonprofits across the country leave their state unemployment tax system and become employers who reimburse the state for their unemployment costs.

Civic Works strengthens Baltimore’s communities through education, skills development, and community service. Their programs succeed by harnessing the energy and dedicated commitment of their AmeriCorps members, staff, volunteers, sponsors, partners, and most importantly, the communities in which they work.

By working with 501(c) Agencies Trust, Civic Works is taking advantage of their option to leave the Maryland unemployment insurance tax system. Federal law allows them and other 501(c)(3)s like them to stop paying their unemployment taxes and to self fund their own programs. Doing so can save organizations 40 to 60 percent on those unemployment insurance costs. 501(c) Agencies Trust helps organizations manage these services and any future unemployment claims.

Civic Works joins nearly 1,500 nonprofits nationwide as plan participants who collectively save millions of dollars annually on unemployment costs by leaving the state unemployment tax system to become reimbursing employers.

“Civic Works has been working with Baltimore communities for over 20 years, and they are deeply committed to service,” said John Huckstadt, Founder of 501(c) Agencies Trust. “By working with 501(c) Agencies Trust, they will have more budget flexibility to leverage against their mission.”

501(c) Agencies Trust works closely with both large national organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Y-USA, Feeding America and United Cerebral Palsy as well as smaller stand-alone nonprofits. Nonprofit services center around a program designed to save organizations money by helping them control unemployment costs while being supported by a team of experts with decades of experience.

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