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JobTalk Workshops

By May 5, 2021May 21st, 2021

JobTalk, a component of NextJob’s reemployment services, gives job seekers 24/7 access to coach led content to further their job search.

Virtual workshops led by NextJob certified coaches are held multiple times weekly covering critical job search topics. Job seekers can ask questions and learn from other job seekers. It is a safe space where individuals can share their successes and challenges with each other and recognize that they are not alone in their job search journey.

In addition to the live sessions, NextJob has recorded versions of each workshop available for job seekers who can’t attend the live version or want to revisit key topics.

JobTalk sessions cover many important topics such as:

  • Build an Effective On-Line Presence Featuring LinkedIn Profiles
  • Gain the Job Search Edge with LinkedIn for Network Building and Job Searching
  • Answering Common & Difficult Interview Questions
  • Preparing to Interview Well
  • Design Your Job After You Design Your Life – Career Planning
  • Make Your Resume Stand Out: Accomplishments, Brand and Summary
  • Build Your Professional Brand
  • Set yourself up for Job Search success: Motivation, Strategy and Planning
  • The Hidden Job Market: Networking During a Pandemic – Added in 2020
  • Generate Leads using Job Boards and Social Media to Find Jobs
  • Brain Basics – Science to Super Charge Your Job Search – Added in 2020

Recording – Build Your Professional Brand

We hope you enjoy this recent recording we are sharing on a topic that is relevant to everyone, no matter which stage of your career you are in.

“I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with my job search so I went to the JobTalk by NextJob LinkedIn group and found a webinar called Set Yourself Up for Job Search Success and watched it. As I watched it I was delighted to discover that you were the presenter of the webinar! You were so encouraging and really spoke to me in this webinar. Afterwards, I felt motivated and inspired to go find companies and organizations that I love and respect and see if they were hiring.”  ~ Aaron, NextJob Job Seeker

501(c) Agencies Trust offers members complimentary reemployment coaching packages, through NextJob, to help your laid off employees land jobs much more quickly. Contact us for more information on job search packages.

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