Alana Humphrey

“501(c) Agencies Trust has given us the opportunity to control our own destiny. We know with 501 we are keeping costs at the very lowest that they need to be not only in the actual reimbursement but again in that professional oversight of looking at our billing but being able to represent us in our unemployment claims. So monetarily it has been thousands but for peace of mind it has probably been unmeasurable.”

Craig Opperman

“501 enables us to have more control over our own dollars and save money which we can feed back into meeting our mission.”

Ilene Wilkins

“It is a great piece of mind as well as a resources savings for us to know that there is somebody that knows and keeps right on top of any changes that are going on and has the expertise to be able to successfully defend any of the unemployment claims we do have. So far, we have had a great success rate I don’t think they have lost one yet.”

Alan Lesher

“It’s very important that the Trust is overseen by a group of its members. That allows the members to have a voice in the programs that are offered, and the way things are managed.”

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