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Helping manage unemployment for nearly 40 years

In 1982, 501(c) Services, a 100 percent employee-owned company, was created to administer the 501(c) Agencies Trust. The Trusts offers a safe way for nonprofits to legally stop paying the state unemployment insurance tax while still covering unemployment charges for separated employees.

501(c) Services has 40 years of experience in providing full-service alternatives to state-run unemployment insurance programs and provides services to over 3,000 nonprofits. They are the administrator of 501(c) Agencies Trust, 501(c) HR Services, 501(c) Agencies Trust Group Retro Plan for Washington nonprofits, UInsure (the only admitted private unemployment insurance product in the country), Boy Scouts of America Unemployment Plan, and 501(c) Unemployment Assist.

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Our Trustees

The Trust is overseen by a Board made up of its members.

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