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As a member of 501(c) Agencies Trust, your organization has access to numerous services designed to keep unemployment costs low. Below are many of the benefits to which you have access; use them as much as possible.

Dedicated team of unemployment claims representatives
All members of the Trust are supported by a team of unemployment experts. This team does everything from paying your claims charges and protesting unemployment claims to even auditing documents for errors made by the state.

Unlimited access to unemployment hearing representatives
If you wish to protest a claim, we are there to help. All Trust members are supported by unemployment hearing representatives who will be with you as you contest unemployment claims.

Unlimited access to senior HR professionals
Have an HR question? Need help creating a program, process or manual? FMLA confusing you? 501(c) HR Services is here to help. All Trust members have unlimited access to seasoned nonprofit HR professionals who can help guide you through all your HR needs – simple and complex.

Background and identity services
Onboarding trustworthy staff and volunteers, while reducing screening costs and providing peace of mind, enables us to make greater impacts on our communities. Therefore, the Trust provides industry leading screening services at discounted rates to allow you the ability to engage the best talent available.

Talent acquisition services
Effective talent acquisition is the foundation for a strong internal culture, and key to achieving your mission. Therefore, 501(c) Agencies Trust provides customized solutions to meet each member’s needs and offers that capability at a very competitive rate. Whether your needs are strategy, training, projects, or support, we are focused on making your hiring process as efficient and effective as possible.

Up-to-date employee management training for HR staff and other supervisors
We offer more than 50 instructor-led training sessions per year, most of which are qualified for continuing education credit. Trust employee trainings provide every supervisor and every HR professional at member organizations with new and up-to-date information about most pressing talent management subjects.

Resource Library
Need a sample policy or notice? Want to read about the latest FMLA changes in your state or watch a recorded training about it all? Visit your member-only resource library continuously kept updated by the Trust’s senior HR professionals.

Re-employment tools and support for separated employees
Trust members have access to complimentary reemployment services (also known as outplacement), to help former employees of your organization find a job more quickly after a layoff. And when former employees find work faster, you save money through reduced unemployment benefit charges!

Group Purchasing Program
Trust members can control overall operational costs through our exclusive discount program. The program, called PurchasingPoint, is available to us through a partnership with the National Human Services Assembly. PurchasingPoint has access to more than 200 vendors with contracted discounted rates that allows us to save almost 30% on items such as office supplies, shipping, and printing. These savings on overhead provide more money for mission-related programming.

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