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By August 18, 2016Blog

One of the big issues facing residents in California’s Silicon Valley is finding affordable housing. The median rent for an apartment or house in Mountain View, CA is $4,390, a 54 percent increase in just four years. This jump has, obviously, put many residents who don’t work for the region’s tech giants in tight financial conditions. It has lead many workers to actually start living in their cars or RVs – a cheaper alternative to a small apartment. 

One organization on the front lines of this affordable housing fight is the Community Services Agency (CSA) – a participant of 501(c) Agencies Trust since 2006.

This week the executive director of CSA, Tom Myers, was featured on the PBS News Hour. He spoke about what working families are dealing with in Silicon Valley.

People living in vehicles to this type of degree and number is completely new and completely unheard of in this community. People living in their vehicles is something that we are really, as a community, ill-equipped to be able to handle,” Myers told PBS.

You can watch the complete PBS story below.

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