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2017 HR Practices Survey

By September 1, 2016September 6th, 2017

Thank you for your interest in our 2017 501(c) Agencies Trust Member HR Practices Survey.

You may download a copy of the survey results here. (You will be asked to complete a simple form so we can track who has downloaded the survey.)

If the survey raises any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact HR Services by email or at  (800) 358-2163.

About the Survey

We decided to produce this first ever member dedicate HR practices survey, because it isn’t uncommon for Hotline callers to ask what other members are doing. Whether it’s regarding how much PTO others offer or what other members were contemplating regarding how they were handling the increase in the Exempt Salary threshold that was looming fall of 2016, many of us want to know where we stand against our peers. This year we decided it was time to find out.

The five main subject areas covered in the survey are: Hiring, Separations, Benefits, Engagement and Wage and Hour. We had a great response from members over 300 organizations in 36 states. The survey also contains a healthy response rate from both large and small organizations from a nice cross section of nonprofit industries serving the elderly, the sick and dying, those with intellectual and physical disabilities, our youth and our furry friends.

While there were no big surprises, we did have a few small ones.

Download the survey to see what we learned about our member’s HR practices. What we learned about you.


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