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By March 8, 2018

In late 2016, 501(c) Agencies Trust began to offer complimentary reemployment services to its membership. All separated employees of 501(c) Agencies Trust employers have access to a robust suite of services and most laid-off employees will receive services that includes a live, personal motivational coach to assist with interview preparation and job sourcing.

Since Trust members are reimbursing their unemployment insurance claims, this service helps reduce any claims for which they are liable. Industry statistics show that providing reemployment assistance can increase the chances of finding a new position by as much as 60 percent for a separated employee. This makes the separation easier for both employers and their employees.

All separated employees of 501(c) Agencies Trust members are eligible to receive the following at no charge:

  • Online Job Search Learning System. This interactive training system includes tools such as the following:
    • Personality Assessment
    • Resume Builder
    • Video training on topics such as interviewing, networking, and using social media
    • Job Board Aggregator
    • And much more!
  • Online Job Club. This is a weekly seminar in which job-seekers receive group coaching and have a chance to network and share experiences with fellow job seekers.

In addition, qualified layoffs may be eligible for 6 months of access to a professional, motivational job coach to assist with all aspects of their job search. These coaches specialize in working with nonprofit organizations, ensuring that our employees are receiving the best care possible. Only 501(c) Agencies Trust provides this additional benefit at no additional charge to our members!

If you have a pending layoff and want to reduce the length of the coming claim, please give us a call and we will help you prepare to separate from your employee both affordably and compassionately.

All inquiries about 501(c) Agencies Trust reemployment services can be sent to Gary Casey by email or you can call Gary at 800.442.4867 x165.

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