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By July 5, 2017Blog

Today, we at 501(c) Agencies Trust announce the addition of Sponsors, Inc, in Eugene, OR, as a new program participant.

501(c) Agencies Trust is a group of 1,500 nonprofits that have elected to not participate in the state unemployment tax system. Instead, we have chosen to become employers who reimburse the state for our unemployment costs. 501(c) Agencies Trust began in 1982 and collectively we save more than $20 million annually.

Sponsors assists men and women from Oregon correctional facilities in making a successful reentry into their communities. Their success results in a safer community; the reunification of families and children; the establishment of the released offender as a positive role model for his/her children; and citizens who pay taxes and are contributing, productive members of society. Sponsors is nationally recognized as a model utilizing best practices in reentry services.

Federal law allows 501(c)(3)s to stop paying their unemployment taxes and to self-fund their own programs. Doing so can save organizations 40 to 60 percent on those unemployment insurance costs. At 501(c) Agencies Trust, we help organizations

  • manage their unemployment expenses,
  • provide their separated employees with reemployment services,
  • offer employers a certified educational series,
  • and provide additional HR Services including unlimited access to a staffed hotline.

501(c) Agencies Trust consists of both large national agencies such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Y-USA, Feeding America and United Cerebral Palsy as well as smaller stand-alone organizations.

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