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By October 9, 2019October 10th, 2019

If you’re newer to handling unemployment claims, you may wonder why your claims consultant asks for detailed, sometimes urgent information when an unemployment claim is processed through the CaseBuilder online claims tool.

Over the last few years, renewed focus was placed on the integrity of the unemployment insurance (UI) system as states sought to replenish insolvent trust funds and minimize benefit overpayments.

Every state has its own laws governing the timeliness and adequacy of employee separation details. Every state also has its own mandates regarding state-imposed penalties if claim details are insufficient or late.

With your help, your claims consultant and the CaseBuilder online claims tool can ensure that your responses are compliant with your state’s information request requirements and deadlines.

Pro Tip 1:

When you receive an email notifying you of a pending unemployment claim document , click on the link provided to log into CaseBuilder through the EWS website to provide and ensure the delivery of accurate, complete, and critical claims documentation.

If you’re unsure whether to include certain information about a claim, contact your Claims Consultant at 1-800-955-4351 and when possible have the claimant’s name and SSN ready.

Consider granting at least one additional coworker CaseBuilder access, as a backup to you in case you’re gone or out of the office.

Pro Tip 2:

Timely respond to information requests to avoid penalties from the state for unresponsiveness. For most states, information deadlines are only 7-10 days.

Pro Tip 3:

Supply all necessary separation details to avoid being penalized by the state for providing an inadequate response. Once an initial determination is made, changes are very rarely granted.

Pro Tip 4:

Contact us with unemployment questions and to learn about your state’s regulations. Attend an Unemployment Insurance 101: Reimbursing Employers webinar by registering through the monthly newsletter calendar or monthly webinar email invitation.

Providing quality information to state unemployment agencies, at the beginning of the claims process, will minimize your organization’s exposure to the challenges listed above. Your UI proactivity keeps claims compliant and avoids state-specific consequences like loss of appeal rights, loss of non-charge, and monetary fines.

If you can’t find your EWS login information, or to otherwise get started with CaseBuilder, email Nicole Korn at

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